The Garden Atriums: A Sustainable Living Story

Garden Atriums Walkthrough - 2008 PBS Video

PBS feature: "Living Green" Aired 7/11/08 on WHRO "What Matters"

The first 4 minutes (shown here) of the "Living Green" feature show the most recent walkthrough of the Garden Atriums. The remainder of the half-hour show featured a panel discussion on living green.

Sustainable Net-Zero Living

August 2018: The Garden Atriums in 2018

The places we live matter. Beautiful spaces impact happiness, and the flourishing of human beings.

The Downsizer's Dilemma

September 2022: The Downsizer's Dilemma: To Buy or Which to Buy

Three houses are presented in this downsizer's dilemma. Which would you choose?

A New Culture of Sustainable Living

April 2012: A New Culture of Sustainable Living in the 21st Century

This video is about a small cluster of homes in southeastern Virginia that has become one of the most sustainable communities in the US.

60-Second Sustainable Living Tips

Tip:How do we get more healthy indoor air?

Tip:Simple Changes for a Healthier Home

Tip:Why induction cook tops are better than gas and electric

Tip: Why Skylights are a Good Addition to Include When Building Your Home

Tip: All About Solar Panels

Tip: Sustainable Landscaping

Tip: Casement Windows Are the Future

Tip: Infiltration and Insulation

Tip: Switch to Electric Vehicles

Tip: Beauty