A gift … with no strings attached!

My goal is to cause as much positive change towards sustainable living as I can. In 2010, I published a book, “Sustainability,” which sold nearly 2,000 copies, via Amazon. I just completed a second book, “The Challenge of Change,” that goes even further … and has some unique and surprising twists.

I want it to reach many more people, so … before I put a price on it and outlet it through Amazon and others, I’m giving it away to people who already have a genuinely expressed interest in sustainability, subscribers to my weekly blogs, and my clients in the design professions.

Just click the link, and you can download it as a pdf file. You can read it on your computer or print it out. (It’s designed for 2-sided printing, to save paper.) We keep no records of who gets it. But I do have one request:

If you find the book interesting & helpful, as I believe you will, please send copies to everyone you know who might also find the book worthwhile. And … ask them to pass it along to others they know, as well.

I believe a change toward sustainable living will have to be accomplished on a bottoms-up, “grassroots” basis … with each of us doing some small, seemingly inconsequential shift that, cumulatively, will change the world.

Enjoy the book!

Stu Rose
Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D.