A personal journey to a built sustainable community
... and an amazing picture of what life will soon be like.

One of the best descriptions of this book was written by Ann, one of the publisher’s editors. So, quoting from her comments …

“The book offers an upbeat and hopeful look at changes taking place in the world through the perspective of (Dr. Rose’s) experiences developing a sustainable community of homes in Virginia, as well as the research he did along the way.

“The tone of the book is conversational and friendly. Technical information and statistics are presented in down-to-earth fashion that readers will find easy to understand (for example, new developments in converting waste to electricity, or the consequences for the world as a result of China changing how much food it imports.)

“The manuscript is methodically organized; it’s easy to follow to progress of the Garden Atrium’s development and to understand how and why (he) developed a positive, enthusiastic outlook about the benefits of living sustainably in the broadest senses of the term.

“(Dr. Rose) succeeds at framing the subject of sustainability as an opportunity rather than a problem. Troublesome trends and data are presented in a serious and sober way, straightforward and free of hype. (He) uses the lessons he learned from developing the Garden Atriums, as well as his own self-exploration, as the basis for a dialogue with readers that emphasizes hope and positive change. The title and subtitle do a good job conveying (the) and spirit with which he approaches his subject and the future.”

When most people think about “sustainability,” they think about saving energy or being more “environmentally friendly.” You’ll find, in this book, that “Sustainability” actually goes far beyond saving on utility bills. As you’ll learn, sustainable living will be a completely new way of living … a new life style. It’ll also be magnificent.

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Reviews from Amazon.com

"...It is easy to read with just enough of the bad news balanced with major hope and possibility for the future. People are really going to need this when they wake up and realize what is going on with the planet."
5 star rating

"This is a book that gives me hope for our future....and gives an understanding of why sustainablity needs to be addressed--today...He gives very practical "how to's."... It has greatly expanded my definition of sustainable living. It's easy to read yet, with very sophisticated concepts... This should become a classic on sustainble living--a must read for anyone who lives on this planet and expects it to be here in the future!"
5 star rating

"The book is part journal, part instruction manual, and part primer about organizational change...[it] will help the reader recognize the breadth of sustainability and to provoke questions and suggest pathways."
5 star rating