Guides for improving the efficiency and energy sustainabiity of existing homes

Because of my new book, “Sustainability,” I’m interviewed on radio shows across the country. The vast majority of callers’ questions centered on what they could do to their existing houses to be more sustainable or, at least, to slash their utility bills..

To answer everyone’s questions in sufficient depth, I worked with Rodney Wright — one of the country’s top solar architects and the architect of our Garden Atriums — to detail what homeowners could do to make their homes as sustainable as possible.

Rodney suggested organizing his booklet, “Renovating Your Home for Increased Sustainability,” in order of the degree of renovation desired...

  1. Some people like their neighborhood, but their home no longer fits their needs. The first section therefore assumes you gut your house and do a total renovation.
  2. Many find their home does fit their needs, so the renovation is limited to the “skin”—the roof and exterior walls.
  3. Some love their home as it is—and don’t like the disruption caused by renovation—so we provide minimal methods with maximal impact … the “biggest bang for the buck.”

Where Rodney’s focus is on cutting heating and cooling costs, I also worked with John Spears, a specialist in sustainability who designed the Garden Atrium photovoltaic power systems.  His booklet, “Slashing Home Energy Costs,” has some guidelines for cutting cooling loads, then focuses mainly on, “if these are my energy requirements, how do I satisfy them with greatest return on investment.”  John also includes names of specific systems, examples of products, and even sources for funding that can actually convert electric power from an expense into a revenue generator!

Each booklet gives you specifics—names of products, links to web sites, and important installation actions to take.  And to make the booklets readily available to anyone with interest, the price for either is tiny, just $8.  (You’ll save many times more than that with almost any single action.)

E-books available for instant download as PDF files. Pay securely via Paypal below.

Renovating Your Home for Increased Sustainability


Slashing Home Energy Costs